Japanese Americans used religion as one way to handle the stress of the incarceration experience. Church served as both a spiritual comfort and a place for community gatherings. On Sundays, Buddhist and Christian services and Sunday schools were held in the recreation halls. State Shintoism was another popular religion within the Japanese American community but was banned by the U.S. government on the grounds that it included "Emperor worship." Church services initially were given in both Japanese and English, but camp authorities later banned the use of Japanese at all group gatherings (although translation into Japanese was later permitted at some religious services).

Religion (163)

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Paul M. Nagano

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Wedding in the Manzanar Buddhist Church (ddr-manz-4-182)
img Wedding in the Manzanar Buddhist Church (ddr-manz-4-182)
Caption: "To Rev. & Mrs. Nagatomi / Sincerely / Mr. & Mrs. [?] Ida / Dec. 4th, 1943."
vh Tsuguo "Ike" Ikeda Interview I Segment 17 (ddr-densho-1000-123-17)
Participating in camp activities, high school, church, dances

As a teenager prior to World War II, began keeping scrapbooks with newspaper articles and memorabilia, a lifetime habit.

Postcard to Dr. Keizaburo
doc Postcard to Dr. Keizaburo "Kei" Koyama from Teru Koyama (ddr-one-5-23)
One cent postcard addressed to Dr. Keizaburo Koyama at Camp Livingston from his wife, Teru Koyama, at the Portland Assembly Center. Postmarked Aug 28, 1942. Below the postmark “Sept 1 1942,” is written in red pencil. On the left side of the postcard is a purple "Censored" stamp. The message on the back of the postcard ...
Gathas and Service (ddr-densho-387-5)
doc Gathas and Service (ddr-densho-387-5)
English and Japanese language of Gathas and Services for Buddhist Services at Manzanar. The English reads left to right starting from the cover. The Japanese reads right to left starting at the cover.
Toshiye Hirose interview (ddr-csujad-6-7)
doc Toshiye Hirose interview (ddr-csujad-6-7)
Oral history interview with Toshiye Hirose. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: SCRC_HIROSE_TOSHIYE
Religious life in the Gila community (ddr-csujad-26-30)
doc Religious life in the Gila community (ddr-csujad-26-30)
Observations and descriptions of Buddhist, Christian, and Shinto practices by incarcerees including the establishment of Buddhist Church, funeral arrangements and ceremony, Bon festival, and events taking place in and around the churches established at Gila River. Compiled as a portion of the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Study (JERS). See this object in the California State ...
Christian church in Tule Lake (ddr-csujad-26-7)
doc Christian church in Tule Lake (ddr-csujad-26-7)
Report on the majority Protestant Christian church at Tule Lake and the development of a community church which became known as "Tule Lake Union Church." The report describes church organization, leadership issues and changes, schedules, facilities, church-centered groups and activities, finances, languages and membership. Report compiled as a portion of the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement ...
Funeral service (ddr-densho-37-675)
img Funeral service (ddr-densho-37-675)
Original WRA caption: Reverend L.H. Tibesar, Maryknoll missionary assigned to work with the Catholic group at the Minidoka Relocation Center, conducts a grave side service at the little cemetery cleared out of the sage land adjacent to Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho.
Buddhist church service (ddr-densho-93-45)
img Buddhist church service (ddr-densho-93-45)
Original Ansel Adams caption: Buddhist service, Manzanar Relocation Center, California / photograph by Ansel Adams.
Minister and wife in front of barracks (ddr-densho-152-26)
img Minister and wife in front of barracks (ddr-densho-152-26)
A Presbyterian minister and his wife in front of their barracks in Heart Mountain concentration camp. Original caption: "These three pictures are of Rev. and Mrs. Donald Torumi. He's a young Nisei Presbyterian minister. A splendid fellow. His wife was a Y.W. secretary before their marriage. These three pictures were taken February 5. Elizabeth and I ...
Memo from Shinjo Nagatomi to David Bromley (ddr-manz-4-276)
doc Memo from Shinjo Nagatomi to David Bromley (ddr-manz-4-276)
Memo regarding Shinjo Nagatomi's ability to travel to review evacuee property stored at the San Francisco Buddhist Church.