Non-incarcerated Japanese Americans

A small percentage of Japanese Americans were not incarcerated during World War II: those who lived or worked outside the West Coast exclusion area and those who participated in "voluntary evacuation." During the war years, many of the non-incarcerated Japanese Americans faced hardship and discrimination, and were viewed with suspicion and even hostility by the greater public.

Non-incarcerated Japanese Americans (3)

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Letter to Henrietta Schoen from Takuyo Togawa (ddr-densho-223-59)
doc Letter to Henrietta Schoen from Takuyo Togawa (ddr-densho-223-59)
A letter from the wife of a medical staffer at Sante Fe thanking Henrietta Schoen for her correspondence.
Tad Sato Segment 13 (ddr-densho-1000-82-13)
vh Tad Sato Segment 13 (ddr-densho-1000-82-13)
Working for Great Northern Railway allows some to avoid concentration camps

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