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Man at beach (ddr-densho-359-553)
img Man at beach (ddr-densho-359-553)
Caption beneath the photograph in the album states"Mr. Hoda taking his own picture at [illegible]."
Two men (ddr-densho-359-755)
img Two men (ddr-densho-359-755)
Two men pose for the camera with hands on their hips. One is in traditional dress while the other wears a Western style outfit.
Portrait of young man (ddr-densho-359-603)
img Portrait of young man (ddr-densho-359-603)
Stamped in the bottom right hand corner "Frank T Owada Photographer".
Man poses in front of building (ddr-densho-359-990)
img Man poses in front of building (ddr-densho-359-990)
The reflection in the window is the sign of the building across the street "New World Life Building". The glass behind the man shows the letter "TEL". The building may be the Benton Hotel.
Two men (ddr-densho-359-629)
img Two men (ddr-densho-359-629)
The caption on this page of the album "at Quilcene Bay".
Men in suits (ddr-densho-359-1183)
img Men in suits (ddr-densho-359-1183)
A large group of men in suits pose for a photograph on an outdoor staircase. Stamped on back "Amano Photo Studio 3208 35th AVE So. Seattle 44, Washington"
Two men at service station (ddr-densho-359-564)
img Two men at service station (ddr-densho-359-564)
Caption written beneath photograph in the album states "E. Otsuka while working".