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Industry and employment

At the turn of the century, Japanese immigrants (Issei) came to the United States to work on the rapidly expanding plantations of Hawaii and the farms, lumber mills, railroads and canneries of the Pacific Coast. They quickly realized this type of work was not going to bring them wealth, and many began looking for more promising opportunities. Farming, fishing and small businesses were often seen as the answer.

Industry and employment (329)

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Group of men with a car (ddr-densho-353-82)
img Group of men with a car (ddr-densho-353-82)
Okayama men on Main Street in front of the Mitsuwado. Note on back: " NW Nikkei caption 6-89: Mr. Yanagi (leaning against car) with friends, celebrates his graduation from the U of W's pharmacy school before returning to Japan." Another note says "set at 100, 2 sec"
Rainier Heat and Power building and the Golden Shoe store (ddr-densho-353-106)
img Rainier Heat and Power building and the Golden Shoe store (ddr-densho-353-106)
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce occupied rooms upstairs along with other professional offices.
Tanaka school of dressmaking (ddr-densho-353-285)
img Tanaka school of dressmaking (ddr-densho-353-285)
A note on the back indicates that this photo is from the 10 year anniversary of the school.
Group of men with a car (ddr-densho-353-81)
img Group of men with a car (ddr-densho-353-81)
Captioned: "On Main Street in front of the Mitsuwado." The Mitsuwado was a large bookstore. A note on the back reads: "set at 200, 8 sec."
Ten cent store (ddr-densho-353-80)
img Ten cent store (ddr-densho-353-80)
Heitaro Matsumoto's ten cent store, located at 902 Yesler Way. Note on back: "Meiji 38 Apr, went to Fife, then hotel in Seattle, Taisho 7 Feb."
A group on a truck (ddr-densho-353-51)
img A group on a truck (ddr-densho-353-51)
Family, neighbors, and a dog on a truck. Captioned: "Aiko and brother on running board, mother in driver's seat, Hideo Akachi (Mrs. S. Osawa's brother) on fender, died young."
Numoto family farm (ddr-densho-353-60)
img Numoto family farm (ddr-densho-353-60)
Captioned: "The Numoto family working on their thriving strawberry farm. The water tower is reminiscent of the days before a city water system existed."