Draft (11)

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Correspondence regarding the draft (ddr-densho-320-3)
doc Correspondence regarding the draft (ddr-densho-320-3)
Contains information about Seiki Ronald Miyasato's physical examination for the World War II draft.
Order to report for induction (ddr-densho-333-47)
doc Order to report for induction (ddr-densho-333-47)
Notice from United States draft board. Mailed June 23, 1941
Letter accompanying induction notice (ddr-densho-333-48)
doc Letter accompanying induction notice (ddr-densho-333-48)
Request to fill out and retun induction paperwork. Mailed June 23, 1941
Draft card (ddr-densho-320-19)
doc Draft card (ddr-densho-320-19)
Ronald Seiki Miyasato's notice of classification for the Selective Service.
Selective service questionnaire (ddr-densho-333-50)
img Selective service questionnaire (ddr-densho-333-50)
Occupational questionnare for Min sent to at Pinedale with address crossed out and Tule Lake address written in
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 75, No. 21 (November 24, 1972) (ddr-pc-44-46)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 75, No. 21 (November 24, 1972) (ddr-pc-44-46)
Selected article titles: "Fed Aid Urged to House Aged Displaced by Stadium" (p.1-2), "Iva Toguri Denied Relief from U.S. Court to Pay Fine" (p.1), "NASA Exceptional Service Medal Won by Telecommunications Engineer" (p.1), "Community, Political Involvement Stressed" (p.3), "Draft Evasion Case Appeal Reversed" (p.6).