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Buddhist parsonage (ddr-densho-109-45)
img Buddhist parsonage (ddr-densho-109-45)
This was the first Buddhist parsonage in Tacoma, Washington.
Reverend at a Buddhist church dedication (ddr-densho-109-25)
img Reverend at a Buddhist church dedication (ddr-densho-109-25)
Reverend J. Yuhawa is at the dedication of Tacoma, Washington's first Buddhist church.
Seattle Buddhist Church ceremony (ddr-densho-128-122)
img Seattle Buddhist Church ceremony (ddr-densho-128-122)
This ceremony involved moving the Buddha statue from the old church at 1020 Main St. to the new building at 1427 Main St.
Lotus group (ddr-densho-128-137)
img Lotus group (ddr-densho-128-137)
The Lotus group was an association of young members of Seattle's Buddhist Church. This photo was taken after a Lotus performance at Nippon Kan Theatre.
Funeral service (ddr-densho-128-139)
img Funeral service (ddr-densho-128-139)
Funeral service for Kenjiro Kano held at the Auburn Buddhist Church.
Seattle Buddhist Church girls' basketball team (ddr-densho-13-40)
img Seattle Buddhist Church girls' basketball team (ddr-densho-13-40)
Front (left to right): Miye Ishikawa, Sachiko Sumioka, and Yoshi Asaba. Back: Yoshiko Tsuji, Nobi Ishida, Fumi Okimoto, Yae Kanogawa, and T. R. Goto.
Buddhist funeral service (ddr-densho-23-18)
img Buddhist funeral service (ddr-densho-23-18)
The Seattle Buddhist Temple is still located in the Nihonmachi area of Seattle, which is now known as the International District.
Masao Murata in uniform (ddr-manz-4-20)
img Masao Murata in uniform (ddr-manz-4-20)
Caption: "To / Rev. Nagatomi / Sincerely yours, / Masao Murata / July 1st 1942."
Wedding portrait (ddr-manz-4-9)
img Wedding portrait (ddr-manz-4-9)
Caption: "Sincerely yours, / Mr. & Mrs. Ota / 12/22/42. Caption in album: "To: Rev. and Mrs. Nagatomi."