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Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-392)
doc Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-392)
Newspaper articles titled: "Racial Test Arrives in California," "MacNaughton Will Speak on Japanese," and "'On Being Nisei...'" Newspapers include the Christian Science Monitor, Minidoka Irrigator, and Oregon Journal.
Scrapbook page:
doc Scrapbook page: "The Portland Area" (ddr-densho-35-382)
Various newspaper clippings, one of which is titled: "Council Defeats Anti-Japanese Resolution." Newspapers include: the Minidoka Irrigator, Portland Labor Press, Oregonian, and Oregon Journal.
Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-380)
doc Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-380)
Newspaper clippings from the New York Times, Oregonian, and Oregon Journal, one of which is titled: "All Created Equal." From scrapbook page titled: "Some Expressions of Public Opinion on Action of Hood River Legion."
Scrap metal donation (ddr-densho-36-4)
img Scrap metal donation (ddr-densho-36-4)
These people are donating scrap metal at Yesler Terrace, which was next to the pre-World War II Nihonmachi (Japantown) area of Seattle, Washington.