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Nisei students meeting with principal (ddr-densho-34-57)
img Nisei students meeting with principal (ddr-densho-34-57)
Three Nisei students meet with the high school principal prior to the exclusion of the Japanese American community from Bainbridge Island, Washington.
doc "Lynx Trample Over Bengals" (ddr-densho-280-60)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway Bengals' basketball loss to Lincoln High Lynx.
doc "Whims Receives High Award from Quill and Scroll" (ddr-densho-280-107)
"Broadway Whims" article on newspaper receiving the highest award from Quill and Scroll international society.
Assorted thoughts in
doc Assorted thoughts in "Broadway Whims" (ddr-densho-280-52)
A small clipping from "Broadway Whims" school newspaper. Covers assorted topics.
doc "Seniors To Have Names In Whims" (ddr-densho-280-72)
"Broadway Whims" article announcing the inclusion of all seniors in the final issue of their senior year.
doc "Woodward Limits Eagles To Four Hits, Cops 10-1" (ddr-densho-280-71)
"Broadway Whims" article on baseball player Bill Woodward and his role in the defeat of Cleveland High's team.
doc "Rio Rita" musical program (ddr-densho-280-131)
A program for Garfield High School Music Department's production of "Rio Rita," a musical comedy in two acts.
doc "Cats Journey To Valley For Game With Leaders" (ddr-densho-280-66)
"Broadway Whims" article on the upcoming basketball game between the Broadway Bengals and the Franklin Quakers.
doc "Small Lunchrooms Will Better Noon Conditions" (ddr-densho-280-101)
"Broadway Whims" article on improvements being made to Broadway High's cafeteria.
doc "500 Rooters Will See Tigers-Teddies Mix Here" (ddr-densho-280-94)
"Broadway Whims" article on the crowds of spectators expected for an upcoming basketball game against Roosevelt High.
doc "Locals Prepare To Apply Brakes On Losing Streak" (ddr-densho-280-59)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Bengals baseball team breaking their losing streak.
doc "Umemura's Unbelievable 'Oofties' Unfold 'Oomph'" (ddr-densho-280-68)
"Broadway Whims" article on a trip the Broadway press took to Snohomish high school to witness the win of the basketball team.
Girls of the Japanese Students Club (ddr-densho-134-19)
img Girls of the Japanese Students Club (ddr-densho-134-19)
Female members of the Lincoln High School Japanese Students Club posing for a photo. The club held Japanese dances, tea ceremonies, and other activities. Back row (L to R): Mariko Kumasaka, Michiko Nakawatase, Esther Kambe, Satoko Abe, Alice Ota, Ella Ota, Margaret Akiyama, Cherry Tanaka. Front row (L to R): Jane Akiyama, Yuri Hayashi, Yoshino Kano ...
Page of Hisa Nimura Horiuchi Scrapbook (ddr-densho-325-7)
doc Page of Hisa Nimura Horiuchi Scrapbook (ddr-densho-325-7)
Poems from Hisa's friends. Ms. Whilhite writes that the Nimura family and their neighbors were sent to Arboga, California, most likely they were sent to the Marysville Temporary Assembly Center which was located near Arboga. After spending just over a month in the assembly center Hisa and her family were sent to Tule Lake Concentration ...
School Portrait (ddr-densho-325-530)
img School Portrait (ddr-densho-325-530)
Written beneath the photograph in the photo album is "6" for sixth grade.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 56, No. 2 (January 11, 1963) (ddr-pc-35-2)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 56, No. 2 (January 11, 1963) (ddr-pc-35-2)
Selected article titles: "Washington Newsletter: JACL Legislative Aim Reviewed as New 88th Congress Opens" (pp. 1-2), "Carnegie Foundation Endows $90,000 for Teaching Japanese in U.S. High Schools" (p. 1), "Issei History Unlike Nenkan" (p. 2), and "Judge Orders Stop to Recounting of Votes in Election Won by Nisei Canadian" (p. 3).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 107, No. 11 (October 14, 1988) (ddr-pc-60-36)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 107, No. 11 (October 14, 1988) (ddr-pc-60-36)
Selected article titles: "'Funny Fact' an Exaggeration?" (p. 1), "Firms Not Sensitive to U.S. Blacks, Says Caucus" (pp. 1, 5), and "UCLA Offering Postdoctoral Fellowships in Japanese American Studies" (p. 3).
Franklin High School students (ddr-densho-182-100)
img Franklin High School students (ddr-densho-182-100)
Franklin High School. Mariko Fujioka, front row, 4th from left. Margaret Ouchi, front row, 5th from left.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 110, No. 20 (May 25, 1990) (ddr-pc-62-20)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 110, No. 20 (May 25, 1990) (ddr-pc-62-20)
Select article titles: "JACL, Educators Question State's Selection of Producer, Content of High School Video on J.A. Internment"(p.1);"Japanese Students Mistaken for Hmong Attacked By Whites in La Crosse, Wis."(p.1);"JACL, Asian Leaders Confer with Justice Dept.'s Civil Rights Div. on Loo Case, Anti-Asian Violence"(p.1);"Attacks on ...
doc "The Water Boy Says:" (ddr-densho-280-86)
"Broadway Whims" article that touches on the Broadway Bengals' basketball, baseball, and fishing teams.
doc "Kittrell Picks Forty-Six Study Hall Attendants" (ddr-densho-280-96)
"Broadway Whims" article about the try-out process to become a study hall attendant. Successful students were listed in the article.
Instructions to Seniors and Assisting Teachers Regarding Commencement (ddr-densho-280-113)
av Instructions to Seniors and Assisting Teachers Regarding Commencement (ddr-densho-280-113)
Instructions telling graduating seniors what to expect at their upcoming graduation.
doc "Garfield Visits Locals With Big Guns Tonight" (ddr-densho-280-58)
"Broadway Whims" article on upcoming basketball game between Broadway High and Garfield High.
doc "'40 Sealth Booms Into Nation's Highest Award Winner At C.P.A." (ddr-densho-280-102)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway's 1940 Sealth team won top marks from Columbia Press Association.