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Man swings golf club (ddr-densho-321-388)
img Man swings golf club (ddr-densho-321-388)
Caption: "Panama City Golf Course, June 1953. Monty"
Golf Tournament (ddr-densho-114-456)
img Golf Tournament (ddr-densho-114-456)
Golf Tournament sponsored by the Nisei Veterans Commitee.
Golf tournament dinner (ddr-densho-114-206)
img Golf tournament dinner (ddr-densho-114-206)
Participants of the Nisei Veterans Committee golf tournament eating a celebratory dinner in Chinatown.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 25 (June 21, 1957) (ddr-pc-29-25)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 25 (June 21, 1957) (ddr-pc-29-25)
Select article titles: "1st Nisei Voted Mayor of City in Orange County" (p. 1); "Senate Leaders Urged by JACL To Place Civil Rights Bill Ok'd by House on Calendar, By-Passed Committee" (p. 1); "1st Oriental descent Canada member of parliament elected" (p. 1); "NARTB invited to join JACL campaign to help rid anti-Nisei movies on ...