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Mochitsuki (ddr-densho-25-136)
img Mochitsuki (ddr-densho-25-136)
Matahichi Iseri (far right) and Mrs. Fujinaga (back to camera) were originally from the White River Valley in Washington. After their wartime incarceration, they resettled in Ontario, Oregon, with their families. They and friends are following the New Year's tradition of mochitsuki, making rice cakes. Clockwise from the left: Mr. Kanetomi, unidentified, Mrs. Morimoto, Mrs ...
New Years celebration (ddr-densho-123-3)
img New Years celebration (ddr-densho-123-3)
New Years celebration hosted by Mr. Mamizuka, a labor contractor at the Alaska fishing and cannery company. His friends/co-workers are seated around the table. (L to R): unknown, Mr. Saburo, Mr. Masaki, Matsujiro Mamizuka, Mrs. Mamizuka, Bette Inui (who lived upstairs), Mr. Taoka, unknown, Mr. Ueno (?).
Mochitsuki (ddr-densho-25-137)
img Mochitsuki (ddr-densho-25-137)
George Iseri (left) was originally from the White River Valley in Washington. After the incarceration, he relocated to Ontario, Oregon. He is making mochi (Japanese rice cakes) with his friends. Left to right: George Iseri, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, and Tadao Shigero (originally from Portland, Oregon).