Post-World War II service

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The USAF Advanced Flying School (ddr-densho-321-1129)
img The USAF Advanced Flying School (ddr-densho-321-1129)
Caption in album: "Moss / June 1952." Moss seated in cockpit.
Certificate of proficiency (ddr-densho-321-392)
doc Certificate of proficiency (ddr-densho-321-392)
Certificate in all weather jet interception proficiency awarded to Masatoshi Fujii.
Military portrait (ddr-densho-321-290)
img Military portrait (ddr-densho-321-290)
Caption: "Fujii Masatoshi, 1LT AO3004839, 10 June 1955."
Interior of a cockpit (ddr-densho-321-299)
img Interior of a cockpit (ddr-densho-321-299)
Notation:"868G-4-LAFB-16JAN56-A/C ACC-F-89D-52-1862A."