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Buddhist Church dedication (ddr-densho-109-48)
img Buddhist Church dedication (ddr-densho-109-48)
Dedication of the first Buddhist church in Tacoma, Washington. Reverend Yuhara with Mr. Uematsu Yoshioka directly behind him.
Japanese community photo (ddr-densho-109-27)
img Japanese community photo (ddr-densho-109-27)
This reproduction was made in 1993. The original photo was taken in 1917.
YBA Tacoma Baseball Team (ddr-one-1-28)
img YBA Tacoma Baseball Team (ddr-one-1-28)
Black and white photographic negative of a Japanese American baseball team in uniforms that read "YBA". The team has been identified as from Tacoma, Washington. First from the right in the front row: Ted Taniguchi, First from the right in the back row: Stogie Kawabata.
Buddhist parsonage (ddr-densho-109-45)
img Buddhist parsonage (ddr-densho-109-45)
This was the first Buddhist parsonage in Tacoma, Washington.
Nihonmachi, or Japantown (ddr-densho-109-86)
img Nihonmachi, or Japantown (ddr-densho-109-86)
Center of Tacoma, Washington's Japantown at Thirteenth and Broadway.
Reverend at a Buddhist church dedication (ddr-densho-109-25)
img Reverend at a Buddhist church dedication (ddr-densho-109-25)
Reverend J. Yuhawa is at the dedication of Tacoma, Washington's first Buddhist church.