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Dye works storefront (ddr-densho-130-2)
img Dye works storefront (ddr-densho-130-2)
The M & M Dye Works was located at North 42nd and Fremont Avenue in Seattle, Washington. The Japanese American owners lived behind and above the shop.
Green Lake Young People's Club (ddr-densho-130-1)
img Green Lake Young People's Club (ddr-densho-130-1)
Members of the Green Lake Seinenkai (young people's club), a social club primarily for Nisei in their teens and twenties. This club organized athletic, cultural, and social activities such as formal dances (pictured here). Back row (L to R): Kiyoshi Tada, Makoto Sasaki, Shuichi Abe, Eddie Kanno. Middle row (L to R): Nobi Yamada, Sumio ...
Junction Produce Co. (ddr-densho-131-1)
img Junction Produce Co. (ddr-densho-131-1)
This Issei-run produce store was located at the intersection of Bothell Way and 10th Avenue NE in Seattle, Washington.
Baseball team (ddr-densho-136-34)
img Baseball team (ddr-densho-136-34)
Green Lake Baseball players sitting on the bench during a game.
Nun and children outside of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-27)
img Nun and children outside of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-27)
Image is of a photograph in a photo album. Caption bellow photo says: First Grade Se. Homes Marie
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 67, No. 5 (August 2, 1968) (ddr-pc-40-31)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 67, No. 5 (August 2, 1968) (ddr-pc-40-31)
Selected article titles: "'Hot issues' facing JACL convention aired by Jerry" (p. 1), "IDC Civil Rights Position Paper" (p. 1), "Nihongo-speaking collegians survey Little Tokyo area for Issei opinion" (p. 1), "Council of Oriental Organizations receives $13,000 in antipoverty funds" (p. 2), "Violence Rocks Seattle Central Area Businesses. Estimate $16,000 in Damage of Nisei ...
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 66, No. 18 (May 3, 1968) (ddr-pc-40-18)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 66, No. 18 (May 3, 1968) (ddr-pc-40-18)
Selected article titles: "American (Gallup) opinion of Japan continues mixed" (p. 1), "JACLer hears Patsy and Sparky cast 'Yea' votes for 1968 Civil Rights Act" (p. 1), "Seattle ordinance on open housing passed unanimous" (p. 1), Architect Minoru Yamazaki designing patient-centered hospital in Toledo" (p. 3), "Hiring Nisei not enough to dismiss state bias charge" (p ...
Tomio Moriguchi Interview I (ddr-densho-1000-59)
vh Tomio Moriguchi Interview I (ddr-densho-1000-59)
Ni-ten-gosei (Nisei/Sansei) male. Born 1936 in Tacoma, Washington. During World War II, was incarcerated with his family at Tule Lake concentration camp. After the war, resettled in Seattle's Nihonmachi, where his father reestablished the family business, Uwajimaya, selling Japanese foodstuff and other items. Worked at Uwajimaya throughout his childhood -- along with his seven brothers ...
Gene Akutsu Segment 2 (ddr-densho-1000-1-2)
vh Gene Akutsu Segment 2 (ddr-densho-1000-1-2)
Growing up around "Profanity Hill," Seattle, Washington
Henry Miyatake Interview II (ddr-densho-1000-54)
vh Henry Miyatake Interview II (ddr-densho-1000-54)
Nisei male. Born 1929 in Seattle, Washington. Incarcerated at Puyallup Assembly Center and Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. Had some key childhood experiences with discrimination that made him a self-described, "independent thinker," and later, an influential figure in the Japanese American community. While a teenager in camp, he wrote and defended an essay criticizing the United States ...
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 62, No. 1 (January 7, 1966) (ddr-pc-38-1)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 62, No. 1 (January 7, 1966) (ddr-pc-38-1)
Select article titles: "The Nisei Personality" (p. 1); "Seattle Nisei talk with Negroes" (p. 1); :Japanese viewpoint on U.S. - Japan relations expressed" (p. 2); "442nd Veteran Appointed New Selective Service Director" (p. 4); "Discussion of new immigration law centers on individual labor certificate" (p. 5).
Jackson Plumbing (ddr-densho-353-131)
img Jackson Plumbing (ddr-densho-353-131)
Jackson Plumbing was located at 667 Jackson Street. A note on the back reads: "Yamada, Asataro, Meiji 41 Jan."
Star Laundry wagon (ddr-densho-353-72)
img Star Laundry wagon (ddr-densho-353-72)
Star Laundry was located at 1229 Jackson Street. A note on the back indicates the driver as Mr. Shimono.
Two men cutting down a tree (ddr-densho-353-153)
img Two men cutting down a tree (ddr-densho-353-153)
Note on the back: "Cutting timber with a long saw." Near the Columbia River.