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Acadia Leaving Port of Seattle (ddr-one-2-278)
img Acadia Leaving Port of Seattle (ddr-one-2-278)
Black and white photographic print of voyage on ship Acadia from Seattle, Washington, to Japan, leaving Seattle harbor with pier in view.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 47, No. 11 (September 12, 1958) (ddr-pc-30-37)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 47, No. 11 (September 12, 1958) (ddr-pc-30-37)
Select article titles: "Housing bias hits Minnesota Nisei, but public reaction comes to rescue" (p.1); "No school integration problem in Northwest, Seattleites welcome Hiroko from Kobe, Japan" (p.1); "Nisei in Canada in unique role to contribute to larger cultural pattern of their country" (p.3)
Jim Akutsu Interview (ddr-densho-1000-2)
vh Jim Akutsu Interview (ddr-densho-1000-2)
Nisei male. Born 1920 in Seattle, Washington. Incarcerated at Puyallup Assembly Center, Washington, and Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. Resisted draft, with the rationale that the U.S. government had classified him 4-C, an enemy alien, and he was therefore under no obligation to serve. Imprisoned at McNeil Island Penitentiary, Washington. Vocal critic of JACL. Resettled in ...
Nihonmachi Jackson Street (ddr-densho-353-73)
img Nihonmachi Jackson Street (ddr-densho-353-73)
Jackson Street, looking east from 5th Street. Note on back indicates Japanese stores in left foreground, and the Academy of Holy Names in background, built 1880. The photo was taken before the Jackson St. regrade of 1907-1909.
Ten cent store (ddr-densho-353-80)
img Ten cent store (ddr-densho-353-80)
Heitaro Matsumoto's ten cent store, located at 902 Yesler Way. Note on back: "Meiji 38 Apr, went to Fife, then hotel in Seattle, Taisho 7 Feb."
The Japanese Commercial Bank (ddr-densho-353-149)
img The Japanese Commercial Bank (ddr-densho-353-149)
The bank was on the corner of 2nd Avenue S and Washington Street, near the Smith tower.
Southeast corner of 5th and King Street (ddr-densho-353-118)
img Southeast corner of 5th and King Street (ddr-densho-353-118)
Japanese businesses included the Pool Room, The Sunrise Cafe, and the St. Nicholas Hotel, which was run by Mr. Kato.
The Seattle Buddhist Church (ddr-densho-353-71)
img The Seattle Buddhist Church (ddr-densho-353-71)
Located at 624 Main Street. Note on back indicates the Seattle Betsuin's 75th anniversary (from 1901-1976), as well as identifying Rev. Gendo Nakai on the stairs.
Two women pose with a stone lantern (ddr-densho-353-329)
img Two women pose with a stone lantern (ddr-densho-353-329)
Captioned: "A stone lantern was given to the city of Seattle by the city of Yokohama in gratitude for the assistance given after the earthquake of 1923. It stands today in Seward Park."
Star Laundry (ddr-densho-353-124)
img Star Laundry (ddr-densho-353-124)
Star Laundry was located at 1229 Jackson Street.
Nippon Fireworks Company (ddr-densho-353-135)
img Nippon Fireworks Company (ddr-densho-353-135)
A note on the back identifies Mr. Endo as the third to the right.
A group of Furuya Company employees (ddr-densho-353-147)
img A group of Furuya Company employees (ddr-densho-353-147)
Furuya employees had a once-a-year company outing to the Furuya Resort House at Crystal Springs on Bainbridge Island.
Tomio Moriguchi Interview IV (ddr-densho-1000-62)
vh Tomio Moriguchi Interview IV (ddr-densho-1000-62)
Ni-ten-gosei (Nisei/Sansei) male. Born 1936 in Tacoma, Washington. During World War II, was incarcerated with his family at Tule Lake concentration camp. After the war, resettled in Seattle's Nihonmachi, where his father reestablished the family business, Uwajimaya, selling Japanese foodstuff and other items. Worked at Uwajimaya throughout his childhood -- along with his seven brothers ...
The Pacific Beer distribution plant (ddr-densho-353-143)
img The Pacific Beer distribution plant (ddr-densho-353-143)
Before the plant was located at 7th and Jackson, it was at 206 Main Street in 1906 and 510 Main Street in 1908.
Businesses on 5th Avenue south (ddr-densho-353-107)
img Businesses on 5th Avenue south (ddr-densho-353-107)
Between Jackson Street and King Street was the Dreamland Cabaret, the St. Paul and Diamond Hotels, Baths Laundry, the NP restaurant and an Italian restaurant.
Buddhist Convention (ddr-one-1-333)
img Buddhist Convention (ddr-one-1-333)
Black and white photographic negative of large crowd of Buddhists gathered outside Collin's Field House in Seattle, Washington for a Buddhist convention. Reverends seated in front row from left to right: Reverend Seiji Kobara from Seattle, Reverend Shoko Masunaga, Reverend Akira Jotetsu Ono, Reverend Tatsuya Ichikawa, Reverend Bishop Kenryu Tsuji, Reverend Eiyu Terao from Spokane ...