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Girls in kimonos (ddr-densho-134-27)
img Girls in kimonos (ddr-densho-134-27)
Students of the Japanese Language School in North Seattle gather in the playground. The school was housed in the Green Lake Community Hall, located at North 100th and Corliss Avenue. The building was eventually enlarged as the program grew more and more popular. (L to R): Molly Kitajima, Michiko Nakawatase, Kazue Kitajima, Kazuko Sasaki, Chimiko Nakawatase ...
Women working in greenhouse (ddr-densho-134-5)
img Women working in greenhouse (ddr-densho-134-5)
Easter Lilies had to bloom and be delivered to markets a few weeks before Easter Sunday. These women are wrapping the lilies in protective tissue paper, preparing them for delivery.
Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
img Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
This Sunday school was started by three missionaries from the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church in the early 1920s. Back row (L to R): Miss Rumsey, Naoshi Kumagai, Kay Suzuki, Tadashi Kumagai, unidentified, Akira Kumasaka. Middle row (L to R): Tak Nakawatase, unidentified, unidentified, May Kumasaka, Kimi Taguchi, Ko Suzuki, unidentified. Front row (L to R): Sam ...
Priest, nuns and women in front of fireplace (ddr-densho-330-47)
img Priest, nuns and women in front of fireplace (ddr-densho-330-47)
Caption on slide says: 1/19/38 Mothers Club intertains Mrs Yamada Contributor to Japanese Magazine for Women
Young men and women seated around priest (ddr-densho-330-30)
img Young men and women seated around priest (ddr-densho-330-30)
Image is of a photograph in a photo album. Caption bellow photo says: C.Y.O. - 1953
View towards alter inside church (ddr-densho-330-8)
img View towards alter inside church (ddr-densho-330-8)
Caption on slide says: OLQM FEB 1931 Interior Floor View
Latona Grocery Store (ddr-densho-136-21)
img Latona Grocery Store (ddr-densho-136-21)
An Issei couple operated this grocery store from approximately 1935-1939. It was located at 319 NE 42nd Street in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.
Green Lake Judo Team (ddr-densho-136-37)
img Green Lake Judo Team (ddr-densho-136-37)
Green Lake Dojo was established in 1932. Classes, such as this one, were held twice a week at the Community Hall in North Seattle. The mass removal of Japanese Americans from Seattle forced Green Lake Dojo to close in 1942. Fourth row (L to R): Mr. Nakawatase, Mr. Tanagi, Mr. Kumasaka, Mr. Uchida, Mr. Hiyama, Mr ...