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Handbag crocheted by Asano Ota (ddr-densho-339-31)
img Handbag crocheted by Asano Ota (ddr-densho-339-31)
A handbag Asano Ota crocheted while she was in camp. An etching of Heart Mountain on the handle.
img Senninbari, "thousand-stitch belt" (ddr-densho-105-8)
Minoru "Min" Tsubota's mother made this senninbari in Tule Lake. It is known as a thousand-stitch belt, and was created to protect a soldier going into battle. Each of the thousand knots was sewn by a different woman. On the belt is stitched Min's Buddhist name, the traditional Buddhist chant of "Namu Amida Butsu ...
Embroidery of Heart Mountain (ddr-densho-339-32)
img Embroidery of Heart Mountain (ddr-densho-339-32)
An embroidered piece by Asano Ota showing Heart Mountain.