Festivals, celebrations, and holidays

Sources of Japanese American community interaction included picnics, musicals, concerts, martial arts competitions, and festivals such as Bon Odori (annual Buddhist festival commemorating ancestors).

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Utah Nippon Wildlife Federation Float (ddr-densho-162-16)
img Utah Nippon Wildlife Federation Float (ddr-densho-162-16)
This float was featured in Ogden's Days of '47 Parade. In fishing gear: Chuichi Kawaguchi. Standing (L to R): Mr. Shimada, Dr. Yoshitaka, Mr. Clarence Uno, Mr. S. Yamaguchi, kneeling, Mr. Nakagawa. Children (L to R): Yuki Uno, Shuzo, Ray Uno, Tad Kawaguchi, Shinji Ichida, Tosh Sase, Shig Yokoyama, Shozo Sakurada, Wallace Uno.
Buddhist Temple Ochigo Parade (ddr-densho-162-31)
img Buddhist Temple Ochigo Parade (ddr-densho-162-31)
This parade was held on First South Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Japanese Association float (ddr-densho-162-29)
img Japanese Association float (ddr-densho-162-29)
This float was featured in Murray's Pioneer Day Parade.
Christmas portrait (ddr-densho-359-1248)
img Christmas portrait (ddr-densho-359-1248)
Kaichi and Itsuno Kawamoto pose with one of their grandchildren in front of a Christmas tree.
Birthday party (ddr-densho-359-1236)
img Birthday party (ddr-densho-359-1236)
The caption written on the back of the photograph is "Ronnie's birthday June 17, 1956".
Man in clearing (ddr-densho-359-938)
img Man in clearing (ddr-densho-359-938)
A man dressed in a kimono stands in a clearing surrounded by other community members.