Exclusion orders

On February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which allowed the military to exclude people from any location without a trial or hearing. While it did not name people of Japanese ancestry specifically, it was clearly aimed at them and was enforced accordingly. Under the authority of Executive Order 9066, General John DeWitt defined 108 exclusion areas throughout the West Coast, each containing approximately 1,000 Japanese Americans. The first exclusion orders were issued for Bainbridge Island, Washington on March 24, 1942. Orders were posted around town, informing all Japanese American residents of the impending mass removal. Individuals and families were given only one week to prepare. By the end of October 1942, all 108 exclusion orders had been issued, forcing over 110,000 Japanese Americans into concentration camps around the country.

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Exclusion orders (79)

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79 items
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 4 (July 23, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-29)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 4 (July 23, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-29)
Selected article titles: "U.S. Appellate Court Rules INS Raids Violate Constitutional Rights" (pp. 1, 3), "Kokekokko: 'Japanese Camps'" (p. 6), "Inouye's 6 Steps to Reduce Tensions for War" (p. 8), and "Chief Justice Warren and the Japanese Detention Cases" (pp. 8, 12).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 10 (March 12, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-10)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 10 (March 12, 1982) (ddr-pc-54-10)
Selected article titles: "Before Supreme Court: Seattle JACL Files Supporting Brief on Desegregating Schools" (pp. 1, 4), "Redress Phase 4: 'Direct' Individual Payment" (p. 2), "40th Anniversary of E.O. 9066 Proclamation: Silence: a 40-Year Cover-Up Conspiracy?" (p. 2), "From the Frying Pan: When Are Asian Americans Not a Minority?" (p. 5), and "Service to Community ...
Shoppers looking at posted exclusion orders (ddr-densho-151-84)
img Shoppers looking at posted exclusion orders (ddr-densho-151-84)
Original caption: San Francisco, California. Saturday afternoon shoppers reading order directing evacuation of persons of Japanese ancestry. This store on Grant Avenue in Chinatown was vacated by an art dealer of Japanese descent. Evacuees will be housed in War Relocation Authority centers for the duration.
Civilian Exclusion Order No. 79 (ddr-densho-25-45)
doc Civilian Exclusion Order No. 79 (ddr-densho-25-45)
Prior to mass removal, exclusion areas were described in civilian exclusion orders posted by Lieutenant General John DeWitt of the Western Defense Command. Civilian Exclusion Area No. 79 included a portion of South King County, Washington. Maps detailing the prohibited area were also posted.
Hideo Hoshide Interview I Segment 34 (ddr-densho-1000-184-34)
vh Hideo Hoshide Interview I Segment 34 (ddr-densho-1000-184-34)
Hearing about mass removal: "we just didn't believe that evacuation would actually happen"
Earl Hanson Interview Segment 11 (ddr-densho-1000-160-11)
vh Earl Hanson Interview Segment 11 (ddr-densho-1000-160-11)
Finding out about the plans for mass removal of Japanese Americans on Bainbridge Island: "It kind of came as a shock to all of us"

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Frank Kitamoto Interview Segment 6 (ddr-densho-1001-25-6)
vh Frank Kitamoto Interview Segment 6 (ddr-densho-1001-25-6)
Speculating as to why Bainbridge Island community was one of the first to be removed
Japanese Americans discussing exclusion orders (ddr-densho-151-274)
img Japanese Americans discussing exclusion orders (ddr-densho-151-274)
Original caption: Byron, California. Field laborers of Japanese ancestry from a large delta ranch have assembled at Wartime Civil Control Administration station to receive instructions for evacuation which is to be effective in three days under Civilian Exclusion Order Number 24. They are arguing together about whether or not they should return to the ranch to ...
Posted exclusion orders (ddr-densho-151-77)
img Posted exclusion orders (ddr-densho-151-77)
Original WRA caption: San Francisco, California. On a brick wall beside air raid shelter poster, exclusion orders were posted at First and Front Streets directing removal of persons of Japanese ancestry from first San Francisco section to be affected by evacuation. The order was issued April 1, 1942, by Lieutenant General J.L. DeWitt, and directed ...