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doc "Woodward Limits Eagles To Four Hits, Cops 10-1" (ddr-densho-280-71)
"Broadway Whims" article on baseball player Bill Woodward and his role in the defeat of Cleveland High's team.
doc "Rain, Johnny Corallo Help Hilltops In 4-1 Upset Over Benals" (ddr-densho-280-91)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway Bengals baseball team's loss to Hilltop High.
doc "Collins, G.L. Fields Hold Ball Tourney" (ddr-densho-280-73)
"Broadway Whims" article advertises an upcoming holiday basketball tournament.
doc "Kittrell Picks Forty-Six Study Hall Attendants" (ddr-densho-280-96)
"Broadway Whims" article about the try-out process to become a study hall attendant. Successful students were listed in the article.
doc "Journal Asks Study Facts" (ddr-densho-280-78)
"Broadway Whims" article on the unique study hall system of Broadway High and national interest in the program.
doc "Salmon Derby Fishermen Set For Finals Tomorrow" (ddr-densho-280-79)
"Broadway Whims" article on the upcoming Salmon Derby finals and Broadway High's participants.
doc "Rogers Calls For Aspiring Young Yell Team Enthusiasts" (ddr-densho-280-76)
"Broadway Whims" article advertises available positions on the Broadway High yell team.
doc "Girls Sell Candy At Senior Play" (ddr-densho-280-99)
"Broadway Whims" article advertising the study hall attendants' club selling candy at Broadway High play.
doc "Horse-Hiders Prime For Initial Tilt With Ballard" (ddr-densho-280-56)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway High's upcoming baseball game against Ballard High Beavers.
doc "P.G.'s Elect Alan Duncan As Prexy" (ddr-densho-280-98)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway High's post-graduate group elections.
doc "Bill Lund Catches Thirteenth Prize In Prep Fish Derby" (ddr-densho-280-75)
"Broadway Whims" article on Bill Lund, who won 13th place at the Seattle Exchange Club high school salmon derby.
doc "Williams Beats Barret For Study Post" (ddr-densho-280-77)
"Broadway Whims" article on the election of the new study hall attendant's club at Broadway High.
doc "500 Rooters Will See Tigers-Teddies Mix Here" (ddr-densho-280-94)
"Broadway Whims" article on the crowds of spectators expected for an upcoming basketball game against Roosevelt High.
doc "Herb Robinson: Broadway's alums haven't surrendered" (ddr-densho-280-84)
Article on the debate surrounding the old Broadway High building and whether it should be completely torn down or renovated.
doc "Locals Prepare To Apply Brakes On Losing Streak" (ddr-densho-280-59)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Bengals baseball team breaking their losing streak.
doc "Small Lunchrooms Will Better Noon Conditions" (ddr-densho-280-101)
"Broadway Whims" article on improvements being made to Broadway High's cafeteria.
doc "Locals Tangle 'Unknown' Eagle Hoopsters Tonight" (ddr-densho-280-83)
"Broadway Whims" article about the upcoming basketball game between the Broadway Bengals and the Cleveland Eagles.
doc "Snohomish High Blitzkrieged By Army Of Ravenous Whims Staff Vultures" (ddr-densho-280-80)
"Broadway Whims" article on the newspaper staff visiting Snohomish High's newspaper staff to learn from them and tour their facilities.
doc "Bengals Make Expedition To Salmon Bay This P.M." (ddr-densho-280-57)
"Broadway Whims" article on upcoming baseball game between Broadway Bengals and Salmon Bay Shingleweavers.
doc "Bengals Beat Ballard 29-24" (ddr-densho-280-64)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway Bengals basketball team win over Ballard Beavers.
doc "Fishermen's Club Eye Prep Derby At Tuesday Meet" (ddr-densho-280-69)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway High Fishermen's club and their upcoming events.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 83, No. 7 (August 13, 1976) (ddr-pc-48-32)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 83, No. 7 (August 13, 1976) (ddr-pc-48-32)
Selected article titles: "JACL, PC Offices Get Eviction Notes" (pp. 1, 3), "Reflections on Asiamerican Writers" (pp. 1-2), "Biennium Afterthoughts" (p. 1), and "From the Frying Pan: Reparations or a Pavilion" (p. 2).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 88, No. 2025 (January 5-12, 1979) (ddr-pc-51-1)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 88, No. 2025 (January 5-12, 1979) (ddr-pc-51-1)
Selected article titles: "JACL to File Redress Bill" (pp. 1, 9-10), "When Douglas MacArthur 'Reigned' in Japan" (p. 2), "What Was the U.S. Occupation of Japan Like?" (pp. 3, 15), and "Japan's Secret Intercontinental Missile: Konnyaku Bakudan" (pp. 5, 14).
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 99, No. 25 (December 21-28, 1984) (ddr-pc-56-50)
img Pacific Citizen, Vol. 99, No. 25 (December 21-28, 1984) (ddr-pc-56-50)
Special Holiday issue. Section A is pages 1-48. Section B is pages 49-80. Section 3 is pages 81-128. Selected article titles: "Grodzins: Justice Dept. Idea" (p. 5), "DeWitt: Kibei movement" (p. 14), "Daniels: 'Right-Wing'" (p. 14), "Different Stores of the Kibei" (p. 15), "WRA Statistics" (p. 22), "SSS: Monograph #10" (p. 27), "Drops of Water" (p. ...