Recreational activities

Japanese American communities organized group social activities such as family picnics and outings to the beach or to parks when the demands of work allowed. These activities gave hardworking families the chance to spend leisure time with their friends and neighbors.

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Japanese American men Hawaiian beach (ddr-densho-201-280)
img Japanese American men Hawaiian beach (ddr-densho-201-280)
Two Japanese American men on the beach. Caption on front: "Shun Morishige." Caption on post-it note in album: "Tom Harimoto, I Co. Honolulu, HI."
img "Hot Spring, Trip" (ddr-densho-201-330)
Man by campfire. Caption on front: "Hot Spring, Trip."
Boy holding fish above river (ddr-densho-201-331)
img Boy holding fish above river (ddr-densho-201-331)
Boy holding fish above river. Caption on front: "July 12, 1940."
The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 76 (September 23, 1950) (ddr-densho-229-245)
doc The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 76 (September 23, 1950) (ddr-densho-229-245)
"Prexy Takagi Heads Seattle Group to Eleventh Biennial National JACL Confab in Chicago Sept. 28-Oct. 2" (p. 1), "Five Nisei Pilots Eye Chicago as Final Landing Place; Ohye's Race Will Begin This Sunday" (p. 1).
At the beach (ddr-densho-258-201)
img At the beach (ddr-densho-258-201)
Dozens of people enjoying a day at the beach. Comment on back: "seaside?"
Twins (ddr-densho-258-181)
img Twins (ddr-densho-258-181)
Two young girls holding hands in a park. Children ride a merry-go-round behind them. Caption below: "Carol & Cathy Saito."
Parade (ddr-densho-258-122)
img Parade (ddr-densho-258-122)
A parade float of women in kimono with Japanese and American flags.
Lounging on the beach (ddr-densho-258-111)
img Lounging on the beach (ddr-densho-258-111)
A man and a woman lying on towels on a beach. Another person is present. Caption below: "1954 At Seaside."
In the park (ddr-densho-258-156)
img In the park (ddr-densho-258-156)
Children with their arms around each other in a park or yard.
Picnic (ddr-densho-258-123)
img Picnic (ddr-densho-258-123)
Two women and a child enjoying a picnic outdoors. Caption below: "Grace & Mom, 1939."
At the seaside (ddr-densho-258-166)
img At the seaside (ddr-densho-258-166)
Families enjoying a picnic on the beach. Caption below: "Takedas & Katos at seaside."
Unknown (ddr-densho-258-200)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-258-200)
Two men, one carrying a banner and a sword and the other carrying a length of wood with animal figurines adhered to it. Dozens of cars are parked around a field.
A gathering (ddr-densho-258-133)
img A gathering (ddr-densho-258-133)
A group of women and children pose outside in the sunshine. Caption below: "Ernie, Mrs. Takeda, Mrs. Wong, Back - Mabel, Carol [?], Grace, May - 1952."
Roundup (ddr-densho-258-110)
img Roundup (ddr-densho-258-110)
A view from the stands of a parade of horses. Caption above: "Roundup."