Recreational activities

Japanese American communities organized group social activities such as family picnics and outings to the beach or to parks when the demands of work allowed. These activities gave hardworking families the chance to spend leisure time with their friends and neighbors.

Recreational activities (418)

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Issei couple holding fish (ddr-densho-2-32)
img Issei couple holding fish (ddr-densho-2-32)
Kumataro (left) and Kadju Nishimura holding perch and rock cod caught near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington.
Footrace, community picnic (ddr-densho-13-8)
img Footrace, community picnic (ddr-densho-13-8)
This picnic was sponsored by either a Japanese language school or a kenjinkai.
Four men on mountain (ddr-densho-15-36)
img Four men on mountain (ddr-densho-15-36)
Left to right: Hiroshi Watanabe, Hiroshi Kanazawa, Todd Fujihira, and Norio Mitsuoka.
Digging razor clams (ddr-densho-15-98)
img Digging razor clams (ddr-densho-15-98)
These women, known as the Hood River Maidens, are digging razor clams in the Long Beach area. The origin of the Hood River Maidens is unknown.
Boy Scout camping trip (ddr-densho-15-11)
img Boy Scout camping trip (ddr-densho-15-11)
Boy Scout Troop 55, sponsored by Seattle's Japanese Methodist Church, on a camping trip. Left to right: Bill Yorozu, Masayoshi Uchimura, Hiroshi Watanabe, Hiroshi Kanazawa, and Norio Mitsuoka.
Sightseeing at Mount Rainier (ddr-densho-18-90)
img Sightseeing at Mount Rainier (ddr-densho-18-90)
Mrs. Terada and her grandchildren at Sunrise, Mount Rainier National Park.
Grocery store owners' picnic (ddr-densho-20-14)
img Grocery store owners' picnic (ddr-densho-20-14)
Japanese American grocers and their families gathered for this picnic at Jackson Park in Seattle, Washington. The picnic included dancing. Left to right: unidentified, Marianne Okawa, May Tsutsumoto, and unidentified.
Japanese Americans on horseback on a mountain (ddr-densho-259-184)
img Japanese Americans on horseback on a mountain (ddr-densho-259-184)
Japanese Americans on horseback on the Cloud Cap trailhead on Mount Hood, Oregon.
Gathering seaweed on the beach (ddr-densho-34-65)
img Gathering seaweed on the beach (ddr-densho-34-65)
Families harvest fresh seaweed for sushi at Pleasant Beach during a social gathering. An unknown game is in progress.
Family outing (ddr-densho-113-47)
img Family outing (ddr-densho-113-47)
This family is standing on the steps of the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park. Second row, far left: Ayako Uyeda.
Hiking on Mt. Baker (ddr-densho-124-26)
img Hiking on Mt. Baker (ddr-densho-124-26)
These Issei are carving their names into a tree on Mt. Baker.
Lotus group camping trip (ddr-densho-128-4)
img Lotus group camping trip (ddr-densho-128-4)
Lotus group members on camping trip at North Beach in Seattle. Lotus was an association of young members of Seattle's Buddhist Church.
Picnic at Rolling Beach (ddr-densho-134-23)
img Picnic at Rolling Beach (ddr-densho-134-23)
The Green Lake Association brought the Japanese American community together for frequent social gatherings.
Women in front of roller coaster (ddr-densho-136-25)
img Women in front of roller coaster (ddr-densho-136-25)
Nisei friends standing in front of the "Big Dipper" Rollercoaster at the Playland Amusement Park, located in the Bitter Lake neighborhood at North 132nd and Aurora Avenue. Many Green Lake Japanese Association and Seinenkai (Young People's Club) activities were held there in addition to Seattle's Japan Day celebrations. (L to R): Ruth Nishino, Yuri ...