Concentration Camp

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Japanese American military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-669)
img Japanese American military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-669)
Original WRA caption: The three Onodera brothers volunteer for the Army while the entire family looks on. Front row: Mr. And Mrs. Toyosuke Onodera, Satoru, Sergeant Carl E. Teurk, Back Row: Fumi, Yutaka, Kaun, Ko, Lieut. Stanley D. Arnold, Sergeant Eugene F. Jenrick and Sergeant Akira Kato.
Japanese American pointing at Honor Roll sign (ddr-densho-37-748)
img Japanese American pointing at Honor Roll sign (ddr-densho-37-748)
Original WRA caption: Fumi Onodera, 20, proudly points at the names of her 3 brothers, Kid, 26; Kaun, 24; and Satoru, 22, on the Honor Roll of Japanese-Americans serving in the U. S. Army from the Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. The 3 brothers are training in a combat team at Camp Shelby, Mississippi with other ...
Japanese Americans harvesting peas (ddr-densho-37-712)
img Japanese Americans harvesting peas (ddr-densho-37-712)
Original WRA caption: Harvesting peas on the project farm adjacent to the center.
Hog farm (ddr-densho-37-42)
img Hog farm (ddr-densho-37-42)
Original WRA caption: A view of the project hog farm.
First Communion class (ddr-densho-37-683)
img First Communion class (ddr-densho-37-683)
Original WRA caption: First Communion class of Catholic Church at Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. The Rev. L.H. Tibesar, Maryknoll Missionary, is pastor. The nuns are Maryknoll sisters from the Maryknoll Mission in Seattle where the Maryknoll group numbered 1000 Japanese Catholics and non-Catholics before evacuation.
Japanese Americans at the library (ddr-densho-37-44)
img Japanese Americans at the library (ddr-densho-37-44)
Original WRA caption: A interesting display of books containing information of value to persons planning to relocate was put up in the community library, Rec. 24, this week. Shown here with the display are H. Nagai, Japanese section librarian, and Elsie Hosogi, assistant Japanese section librarian. The library has numerous books containing information about various sections ...
Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-11)
img Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-11)
Original WRA caption: Christmas decorations in Block 1 dining hall.
View between barracks (ddr-densho-37-715)
img View between barracks (ddr-densho-37-715)
Original WRA caption: Looking down the barracks from 34 to 44.
Japanese Americans transferring to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-64)
img Japanese Americans transferring to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-64)
Original WRA caption: A group of 254 evacuees transferred from the Minidoka Relocation Center to the Tule Lake Center boards the train at Hunt siding after riding the five miles from the center in trucks.
Lifeguards (ddr-densho-37-6)
img Lifeguards (ddr-densho-37-6)
Original WRA caption: Volunteer lifeguards at outdoor swimming hol[e] constructed close to north side irrigation canal. At left is Willard Jeager, Hunt High School teacher and volunteer Red Cross life-saving instructor. At right is Walter Kipp, community activities supervisor.
Japanese American baggage (ddr-densho-37-426)
img Japanese American baggage (ddr-densho-37-426)
Original WRA caption: Eden, Idaho. The baggage, belonging to evacuees who have just arrived from the assembly center at Puyallup, Washington, is sorted and trucked to their barrack apartments.
Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-724)
img Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-724)
Original WRA caption: Students in the High School Home Economics Class.
Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
img Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
Original WRA caption: Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. Main administration building.
Parents mending clothes (ddr-densho-37-43)
img Parents mending clothes (ddr-densho-37-43)
Original WRA caption: Parents assist in mending for children at the Hunt Nursery School.
Camp site (ddr-densho-39-11)
img Camp site (ddr-densho-39-11)
Original museum description: Photograph, black and white glossy of the area outside the Minidoka internment camp including the farm area. Sagebrush can be seen in the foreground and what appears to be farm equipment in the background. There is a road on the mid-left and a great expanse of sky with clouds. (Info from original museum ...
Memorial service (ddr-densho-39-42)
img Memorial service (ddr-densho-39-42)
Original museum description: Photograph taken at Minidoka internment camp, black and white glossy, shows a ceremony that is possibly a memorial service for a soldier from Minidoka since there is a soldier on stage and the project director Harry Stafford is also seated there, a man is at the rostrum while the audience is seated. There ...