Concentration Camp

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Letter from Tokie Slocum (ddr-densho-67-41)
doc Letter from Tokie Slocum (ddr-densho-67-41)
Letter from Tokie Slocum, Ex-Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, to Major Riorand regarding riots in Manzanar concentration camp, urging for the removal of "seditious" persons of Japanese ancestry from Manzanar.
Two memos regarding Manzanar concentration camp, California (ddr-densho-67-14)
doc Two memos regarding Manzanar concentration camp, California (ddr-densho-67-14)
The subject of these memos is the identification of suspected pro-Japanese individuals.
National Emergency Conference report (ddr-densho-67-15)
doc National Emergency Conference report (ddr-densho-67-15)
Japanese American Citizens League report from a conference addressing internal security in Manzanar concentration camp, California. Report warns of internal strife, danger of pro-Japan groups, reports on judicial system, fire and police protection, and illicit activities. Includes an account of an attack on a Japanese American camp police officer, and description of "gangs" within camp.
doc "Murder in Camp Manzanar" (ddr-densho-67-18)
Document written by J.Y. Kurihara. Account of incident in which Harry Ueno, a kitchen worker, was accused of assaulting Fred Tayama, JACL member and accused "informant." Kitchen Workers Union members and Manzanar residents went to administration to demand the release from jail of Ueno and soldiers fired on crowd, killing one person. Members of the Kitchen ...
Report titled:
doc Report titled: "Brief Report of the Kibei Meeting Held at Mess Hall 15" (ddr-densho-67-43)
Letter and report sent by Fred Tayama to Major Rudisill. The report is entitled: "Brief Report of the Kibei Meeting Held at Mess Hall 15." Tayama requests that renunciation of American citizenship be permitted, and segregation of the "disloyal" Japanese commenced. Meeting focused on internal improvement issues, arguments and tension between pro-Japanese and pro-American individuals.