Heart Mountain

Concentration Camp

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Letter from Uhachi Tamesa to A.L. Wirin (ddr-densho-333-28)
doc Letter from Uhachi Tamesa to A.L. Wirin (ddr-densho-333-28)
Letter regarding blocked subscriptions for people with Japanese names
Handmade book (ddr-densho-339-21)
doc Handmade book (ddr-densho-339-21)
A handmade book reflecting on Doris Saito's time at Heart Mountain.
Girl posing (ddr-hmwf-1-184)
img Girl posing (ddr-hmwf-1-184)
"Girl posing with barracks and Heart Mountain in background"
Vocation Building (ddr-hmwf-1-99)
img Vocation Building (ddr-hmwf-1-99)
"Jun Watada to New York. Nov. 6 1944" as described on back, f11-1/50 K1 Verichrome Super Ikonta B
Ice Skating (ddr-hmwf-1-496)
img Ice Skating (ddr-hmwf-1-496)
Men, women, and children ice skating with barracks in background
Man farming (ddr-hmwf-1-97)
img Man farming (ddr-hmwf-1-97)
"Man farming with Heart Mountain in the background"
2 men posing (ddr-hmwf-1-116)
img 2 men posing (ddr-hmwf-1-116)
"Tomikawa 29-22-C, May 22 1944" as described on back, f16 1/25 G3, Plus x DK20-25 76 -10
Team Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-609)
img Team Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-609)
"May 1944" as described on back, girls' team posing together
Girls Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-427)
img Girls Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-427)
"Kiku, Aki, June 25-1944, l20 f19 1/50 G3 SuperpanPress, D76-40' " as described on back
Portrait (ddr-hmwf-1-621)
img Portrait (ddr-hmwf-1-621)
"Aug 11-1944, l8 f4.5 1/25 SuperpanPress D76-40' G3" as described on back, man's portrait in military uniform
Children Playing (ddr-hmwf-1-534)
img Children Playing (ddr-hmwf-1-534)
"April 23-1944" as described on back, children playing games around barracks and coal pile
Christmas Party (ddr-hmwf-1-463)
img Christmas Party (ddr-hmwf-1-463)
"Christmas Party 29-30 Mess Hall, Dec 25-1943, Bud Aoyama Project Photographer" as described on back
Girls Reading (ddr-hmwf-1-419)
img Girls Reading (ddr-hmwf-1-419)
Young girls gathered together in recreation area
Child in Snow (ddr-hmwf-1-504)
img Child in Snow (ddr-hmwf-1-504)
Young boy standing in the snow with barracks in background