Heart Mountain

Concentration Camp

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Portrait (ddr-hmwf-1-637)
img Portrait (ddr-hmwf-1-637)
"Meriko Inouye, 29-23-CD, Jan 1-1944, l4 f4.5 1/5, SuperXX DK20-50' D76-15' EN1 #2 30" as described on back
Group Picture (ddr-hmwf-1-510)
img Group Picture (ddr-hmwf-1-510)
"June 24-1944" as described on back, group of women and children sitting around having snacks and drinks
Young girl (ddr-hmwf-1-15)
img Young girl (ddr-hmwf-1-15)
"Young girl near guard tower-Ayaho Inouye" as described on back
Women Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-440)
img Women Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-440)
"Sumi, June 25 1944, l20 f19 1/50 G3 Superpan Press" as described on back, young woman (Sumi) posing with Heart Mountain in background
Girl posing (ddr-hmwf-1-185)
img Girl posing (ddr-hmwf-1-185)
"Akiko Iwasaki 29-4-B, April 30th 1944, posing in front of barracks and Heart Mountain" l19 f16 1/25 G3, SuperXX DK20 37', 76 8'
Landscape (ddr-hmwf-1-129)
img Landscape (ddr-hmwf-1-129)
"Landscape- waterfall in Yellowstone"
Group Picture (ddr-hmwf-1-448)
img Group Picture (ddr-hmwf-1-448)
Group of women sitting on a rock beside stream
Christmas Exercise (ddr-hmwf-1-473)
img Christmas Exercise (ddr-hmwf-1-473)
"Christmas Exercise 22-25 Rec Hall, Dec 22-1943" as described on back, children performing
View of camp (ddr-hmwf-1-561)
img View of camp (ddr-hmwf-1-561)
View of camp with Heart Mountain in background
Girls around piano (ddr-hmwf-1-19)
img Girls around piano (ddr-hmwf-1-19)
"Group of girls and women gathered around a piano"
Walking back to camp (ddr-hmwf-1-71)
img Walking back to camp (ddr-hmwf-1-71)
"Send off returning, Dec 1, 1943" as described on back, l19 f16 1/25 G3 snap, Plus x DK20-40' D76 10'
Coal Rush (ddr-hmwf-1-471)
img Coal Rush (ddr-hmwf-1-471)
"Coal rush, 29-28 Jan 7-1944 2:30pm, f12.7 1/100 SuperIkontaB SuperXX Roll, DK20-50' D76-20' "as described on back
Woman Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-631)
img Woman Posing (ddr-hmwf-1-631)
Young woman posing beside road and large rock
Aerial view of Heart Mountain (ddr-manz-4-71)
img Aerial view of Heart Mountain (ddr-manz-4-71)
Caption: "Heart Mountain / To Rev. & Mrs. S. Nagatomi, / from [?] & T. Tanaba / 10/6/43."
Heart Mountain concentration camp (ddr-densho-152-14)
img Heart Mountain concentration camp (ddr-densho-152-14)
View of Heart Mountain concentration camp barracks. Original caption: "This is Heart Mountain! A typical fall scene."
First grade class and teacher (ddr-densho-152-37)
img First grade class and teacher (ddr-densho-152-37)
Heart Mountain Elementary School first grade class with teacher, Mrs. Christiansen.
Fourth grade boys (ddr-densho-152-18)
img Fourth grade boys (ddr-densho-152-18)
Fourth grade boys from Heart Mountain Elementary School play outside. Original caption: "Fourth grade boys. X = James Koshiyama scored high on I.Q. test. Scores 111. He's both small and young for grade 4."