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    "title": "Envelope and letter to Dr. Keizaburo \"Kei\" Koyama from Teru Koyama and Miriam Kiyo Koyama",
    "description": "Yellowed envelope addressed to Dr. Keizaburo Koyama in Camp Livingston from his wife, Teru Koyama, in the Portland Assembly Center. The envelope is postmarked August 24, 1942, and is stamped \"VIA AIR MAIL\" over the postmark. Written in blue pencil under the postage stamp is “Aug 23, 1942.” Written below the address in blue pencil is “Aug - 26, 42.” On the left side of the envelope is a \"Censored\" stamp. Inside the envelope were two letters to Keizaburo \"Kei\" Koyama: one from his daughter, Miriam Kiyo Koyama and one from his wife, Teru Koyama; both dated August 23, 1942.  The letter from Miriam, she writes that she misses him and that the Portland Assembly Center paper is saying that they will be moving to Idaho. She hopes that with the move he will join them. The letter from Teru talks about the recent church services and baptism of several friends at the Portland Assembly Center. She asks that Kei write a letter to the Satos once they relocate to the new camp. She writes about some people leaving for Wyoming next week. She describes how she is enjoying studying the Bible, English, History, and Civics, and she advises Kei to do the same because she does not want him to lose the ability to communicate with their children since they primarily speak English. Advises she might not write for a while as she has to pack for the family's move.",
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    "credit": "Courtesy of the Koyama Family Collection, Oregon Nikkei Endowment",
    "extent": "1 envelope: 5.5W x 3.5H; 2 letters: 5W x 8H",
    "digitize_date": "9/2/2015",
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            "term": "Identity and values -- Issei",
            "id": "43"
            "term": "Identity and values -- Nisei",
            "id": "44"
            "term": "Industry and employment -- Dentistry",
            "id": "355"
            "term": "Religion and churches -- Christianity",
            "id": "396"
            "term": "World War II -- Concentration camps",
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            "term": "World War II -- Concentration camps -- Impact of incarceration",
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            "term": "World War II -- Concentration camps -- Religion",
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            "term": "World War II -- Pearl Harbor and aftermath -- Arrest, searches, and seizures",
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            "term": "World War II -- U.S. Army internment camps",
            "id": "432"
    "contributor": "Oregon Nikkei Endowment",
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    "genre": "correspondence",
    "digitize_organization": "Oregon Nikkei Endowment",
    "alternate_id": "2015.1",
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    "creation": "08/23/1942",
    "format": "doc",
    "digitize_person": "Marucha, Madaline",
    "creators": [
            "namepart": "Koyama, Teru",
            "role": "author"
            "namepart": "Koyama, Miriam Kiyo",
            "role": "author"
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    "location": "Portland Assembely Center, Portland, Oregon",
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