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    "title": "Minidoka Project Director H.L. Stafford",
    "description": "Original WRA caption: H.L. Stafford, project director of Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho, formerly administrative officer in Idaho for the Agricultural Adjustment Administration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Boise. Mr. Stafford was born in 1893 at Tarkio, Missouri and has lived in Idaho since 1912. Before entering government service, he engaged in farming, banking, and grain business. Of medium height and athletic build Mr. Stafford has been an amateur flying enthusiast since he built a place in his back yard in 1909 in the days of pioneer aviation. He holds a pilot's license with 400 flying hours to his credit. His enthusiasm for flying is shared by two of his sons; Ben L. who is in the U.S. Air Corps and Thomas P. who is teaching aeronautics in Spokane. A third son, John C. is in the Navy and a daughter, Nancy June Fury, living in Salmon City, Idaho.",
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    "location": "Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho",
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    "creation": "Nov-43",
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