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    "title": "Nisei soldiers crossing the Rhone River",
    "description": "Nisei soldier's caption: The Rhone River. As we headed for the Vosges, we crossed the river. The vacation at Marseilles couldn't last forever. The gas and vehicle shortage gave us three weeks of rest, but finally in the latter part of September we headed for the Vosges Mtn. near the German, Swiss border. Battling the inclement weahter, terrain and a tenacious enemy. Battles: 1) Hill A, aiding in the capture of Bruyeres; 2) Biffontaine task force (Injury of Capt. Takahashi, Kim); 3) Rescue of the Lost Battalion 1st Bn. 141 Reg. 36 Division in conjuction with the 3rd Bn. 442 Inf. Our outfit was so decimated that we were pulled back out of the line and on a snowy day in Nov. we went all the way back to Marseilles and east to the French Alps interior of the French Italian border where we held a defensive position so twenty odd miles. It was a beautiful snow country but cold.",
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    "creation": "September 1944",
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